Dating Profile Tips

Whether you are looking for love on a Hispanic dating site or even one of the general dating sites they key to success is putting together the perfect profile.  You need to show the world how amazing and unique that you are and that will help you find the person of your dreams.  Putting together the right profile is always going to be the key to meeting new people.  Your profile is how you show the world what is unique about you and why you would be a great catch.  Many people are intimidated at the idea of putting together their dating profile so let’s make it easy for you with the following dating profile tips.


Almost all dating sites allow you to put up at least one profile pic to show people who you are and what makes you interesting.  Use the most current and flattering picture that you have.  Make the picture casual but also make sure it only features you and not a group of people.  Here are some tips on getting your profile picture just right.

What Are You Looking For?

When you start setting up your profile make it very clear about what you are looking for.  Do you want casual dates or a long lasting relationship?  Either way state what you want, being upfront about what you are looking for makes it easier to find someone that is looking for the same thing.

Remember Your Grammar

When you set up your profile make sure the spelling and basic grammar is correct.  Spelling and grammar mistakes make it look like your profile was put together by a 12 year old.  It leaves a good impression on anyone looking at your profile when they don’t have to struggle to decipher your typos.

Look at Other Profiles

If you’re struggling about what to write, don’t worry most people do, just browse through the site and take a look at what other people are doing.  Don’t copy someone else’s profile but you can get some inspiration from the other great profiles on the site.

No Fibbing or Exaggerating

When you are putting together your profile don’t misrepresent yourself or exaggerate your qualities, no saying that you are 6’2” when you are really 5’10”.  Don’t lie about your age or your weight, people will find out eventually if you ever met them in person.  It also makes it that much harder to find your perfect match so always be honest.

Follow these tips and you should have plenty of matches, take your time getting to know someone and mostly just try and enjoy yourself.

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